Exciting New Workslot Opportunity!

The Coop is seeking five members to serve on the Pension Advisory Committee (“PAC”). The PAC will represent the interests of the Membership and Staff by monitoring the overall performance of the fund of the PSFC Defined Benefit Pension Plan and maintaining regular communication with the Pension Plan Trustees.

This Committee, which will also include two members of the paid Staff, will provide ongoing education and performance reports to the Membership at GeneralMeetings and through articles in the Linewaiters’ Gazette. Portfolio decisions, selection of Trustees, and the hiring of the Plan Investment Manager or Plan Actuaries are not under the PAC’s purview.

Term lengths: Members will be elected at a monthly General Meeting. The three members receiving the highest vote counts when will receive three-year terms. The members receiving the next two highest vote counts will receive two two-year terms.  Subsequent terms will be three years.

We urge you to apply if you have these qualifications:

Coop Experience

  • Minimum five years of Coop membership immediately prior to joining the committee; and
  • An excellent attendance record in your Coop work slot with minimal absences per year

Professional Experience

  • Minimum three years relevant professional experience in at least one of the following:
    • Pension fund management, institutional investment advising, or portfolio management
    • Chartered Financial Advisor (CFA)
    • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
    • Volunteer at a non-profit/educational/religious institution or labor organization where you interface(d) with
    • endowments and/or engage(d) in long-term financial planning on a large scale
    • Journalists, educators or graphics specialists who focus on the financial sector

Core Qualities

  • Effective verbal and written communicator
    • Ability to distill and disseminate complicated concepts to audiences of all levels
    • Skilled in collaborative processes
    • Excellent time management and organization skills

To apply, please complete this form http://bit.ly/CoopPAC and forward your professional resume, cover letter and one reference letter to: PACselection@gmail.com with the subject “Pension Advisory Committee.”

We are seeking an applicant pool that reflects the diversity of the Coop’s membership.