The Agenda Committee

When setting agendas for General Meetings, the Agenda Committee’s main considerations are: (1) the best interests and orderly functioning of the Coop, and (2) fairness to Coop members who wish to have their concerns placed on the agenda. Accordingly, the Agenda Committee has developed the following set of guidelines:

  1. The Agenda Committee makes every effort to place items on the GM agenda in the order in which they are received. The goal of the committee is to place items on the GM agenda within three months of submission to the GM.
  2. An item may be placed ahead of others submitted earlier if the item requires more immediate attention or its timely consideration at the GM is beneficial to the efficient running of the Coop, e.g., election of members to Coop committees.
  3. If a Coop member submits more than one agenda item, that member shall choose one of the items to be considered for placement on the agenda. Other item(s) by that member may not be considered for placement on the GM agenda until the first item is completed.
  4. If an item is likely to require substantial discussion time, it may be held for a later GM to permit fuller discussion. If there is strong sentiment at a GM (or Special Meeting) for follow-up discussion of an item, the Agenda Committee will take into account the will of the GM in scheduling agenda items.
  5. Where an agenda item has been considered by a GM, a subsequent proposal seeking substantially the same outcome will not be considered for future placement on the GM agenda unless the AC determines that one of the following three criteria has been met:
    1) the substance of the item has changed;
    2) the presenter has identified new information (not presented at the prior GM) that might reasonably be expected to change the outcome of the proposal; or
    3) a sufficient period of time has passed that would warrant reconsideration by the GM.
  6. No item implicating a Coop committee will be placed on the GM agenda without giving the affected committee at least one month notice. That committee will be advised to discuss with the Chair Committee how it will be allowed to respond.


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