Want to Join or Rejoin the Coop?

Thank you for your interest in joining or re-joining the Coop.

Please answer the question below for the most current information for prospective and re-joining members.

Do you live with someone who is a current member of the Coop?

If the answer is NO…

We apologize that we are not able to welcome you to join or re-join the Coop right now. Our normal process for joining and re-joining members is suspended due to the impact of COVID-19. Because the Coop is juggling many simultaneous COVID-19 adjustments, we cannot say when an updated joining procedure will be in place. Please check back here over the coming months for updates as we work to adapt to meet the demands of the moment. We look forward to your joining us in the future.

If the answer is YES…

Thank you for your interest in joining or re-joining the Coop. While our normal process for joining/re-joining members is suspended, to honor the Coop’s household rule we make an exception for individuals who are living in a household with a current Coop member. Since you selected “Yes, I am living in a household with a current Coop member” you will be able to join/re-join now. Please bring proof of ID and Address to the Service Desk on the second floor of the Coop. Your proof of Address must match the address on file for the Coop household you are joining. If you do not have proof of address, or your proof does not match the address on file of the household where you live, you may still join as long as you are accompanied by a member of your household who is currently active in the Coop. We will ask that member to sign a short statement asserting that you live with them.

Proof of ID

  • Driver’s License or Non-Driver State ID
  • Passport
  • Employee ID
  • Student ID
  • Military ID

Proof of Address

  • Utility Bill (electric, gas, cable, water)
  • Mortgage Bill/Statement
  • Renter’s/Homeowner’s Insurance Bill/Statement
  • Student Loan Bill/Statement
  • Any Official Federal or State Document
  • Paychecks/stubs from business accounts, must show mailing address of payee

We will contact you about fulfilling your New Member Orientation requirement at some point in the future. Until then, come on over to join and begin to enjoy the Coop!