Sanitizing your Checkout Station

The Coop is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized each night by a team of amazingly thorough and hardworking temporary staff. As part of this nightly cleaning all the high-touch surfaces in the Coop are sanitized, including the checkouts.

Additional guidance issued by New York State further requires that businesses “must provide appropriate cleaning/disinfection supplies for shared and frequently touched surfaces and encourage employees to use these supplies before and after use of these surfaces, followed by hand hygiene.”

In order to make the above possible, it is a requirement of the job that you:

  • Sanitize the checkout high-touch surfaces (detail below) whenever you start work at a station.
  • Sanitize using the individually wrapped alcohol wipes at the Coop provides at each checkout station.
  • Use the every-day cleaner and paper towels stocked at each checkout to clean the unpacking deck, the bagging deck, and the scanner/scale bed between each transaction.
  • Wear gloves while working at the checkout.
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when you arrive at the Coop, when you start your break (before entering the “cafeteria”) and after your break before returning to work. Hand washing is preferred – thoroughly for 20 seconds – but using the Coop-provided hand-sanitizer is also acceptable.

Checkout Sanitizing: What and When

  • Use a single pack of alcohol wipes to sanitize the checkout keypad and touch screen, the debit card keypad, and the outside of the spray bottle of cleaner that you use at the checkout between shopping members. If the wipe is still moist after that, please feel free to also clean the bed of the scanner/scale.
  • Please use ONE single two-pack of wipes to complete the required cleaning. We want to make the supply last as long as possible.
  • The first workers arriving in the morning to work at 9:30 a.m. do NOT need to sanitize in this way because the checkouts have been sanitized overnight.
  • Otherwise, you must sanitize the checkout with an alcohol wipe whenever you approach a checkout and begin to work, including when arriving at a checkout for break coverage and when returning from your break. In other words, whenever you approach a checkout that someone else either has or may have used we ask that you use an alcohol wipe to sanitize the checkouts high touch surfaces described above before you begin to work.

If the box of wipes placed at your checkout is empty, please feel free to replenish it with 10-15 wipes from the supply box at the squad leader desk.

 We recognize that this will slow things down slightly when getting started at a checkout.  But, it is another important step we can all take to reduce the possibility of transmission of COVID-19 at the Coop and therefore well worth the time and inconvenience.  We appreciate and thank you for your strict adherence to this protocol.

Please feel free to direct questions to the Membership Coordinating staff who are supervising the shopping floor when you are working, or to the General Coordinator who is your supervisor.

Thank you for remaining vigilant and thereby ensuring that the  Coop is taking steps to be safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19.