Shift Swap

If you know in advance that you have to miss a shift, we strongly encourage you to try to find someone to swap shifts with. Swapping, or trading, is a great way to avoid having to do make-ups, and it helps the Coop by ensuring that enough members show up to work. If you have a workslot that requires special training, such as Cashier or Childcare, it is essential that you trade with someone who also has that training.

When you arrange a trade with another member, be sure to write down their name and member number. If you arrange a trade and the other member fails to show up for their part of the deal, the Membership Office will transfer any make-ups owed due for that absence to the other member. However, the Membership Office can only do this if you provide us with their name and/or member number.

In addition to the online shift swap, you can also use the Committee schedules (available in the entrance lobby and upstairs in the Membership Office) to contact members who do similar work at similar times to you.

Online Shift Swap

Online shift swap will open in a separate tab: open online shift swap.