Accepting Member Payments (Fees and Investments) at Checkout

All members owe the Coop a joining Fee and Investment. Those are paid at the checkout and/or cashier. Instructions for entering those payments are below. If you need assistance “in the field” with Member Investments, please seek the assistance of another front end temporary worker or of a member of the permanent staff.

  • Any member payment — the most common are Member Fee or Investment (a.k.a. Member Owner Equity Investment or MOEI) — can be added to any checkout transaction. Some members prefer to have the member payment on a transaction all by itself. In which case, simply complete their “food” transaction and begin a new transaction onto which you will add just the member payment.
  • Once you are in an active transaction, select Member Payments from the options available at the bottom of the screen.
  • From the options that then appear, select the appropriate payment. Member investment is “2-Member Investment”
  • A window will appear that pre-populates with the shopping member’s number. Below that is a blank field for the amount. You can tap the screen or use the arrow to move the cursor into that field to enter the amount.
  • The member must inform you of the amount. Fee maximum is $25.oo. For Investment amount is allowed, from $1 to $10,000.
  • In cases where a member is increasing their investment amount to help the Coop, we ask that you do not comment on the amount of member investment increases other than to thank the shopping member for their support of the Coop. (In the case of what you consider to be large member investment increase, feel free to thank the shopping member “very much” for their support of the Coop.)
  • Once the amount is entered, press Enter. You have now added the amount to the shopper’s bill.
  • Complete the transaction as normal. A member may pay for their member payments by debit, or they can request you suspend the transaction so that they can pay by check at the cashier station.
  • Suggest to the member that they hold onto this receipt for their records.