TerraCycle Recycling Collections

In partnership with TerraCycle, we collect a variety of hard-to-recycle plastic packaging for up-cycling. We now offer expanded plastic collection for Coop members. See below for details.

TerraCycle Collection Details


2nd Wednesday of the month 3:45-6pm
4th Saturday of the month 1:45-4pm


Outside in front of the Coop (inside during inclement weather)

Expanded Plastic Collection for Coop Members

Please be prepared to show your Coop Membership Card. Donations in any amount are welcomed to help offset the cost of collections to the Coop.

  1. Plastic bags/wrapping/packaging from most products sold at the Coop – food and non-food.
  2. Thin plastic film wrap – from notecards, tea boxes, pre-packaged cheese, household items, pets food, juice packs, etc.
  3. Plastic roll bags distributed by the Coop – please use roll bags only when necessary, reduce usage whenever possible, and re-use any bags you do take before recycling.
  • NO food residue, rinse as needed
  • ONLY soft plastic from Coop purchases

Ongoing Community Plastic Packaging Collections

Open to all community members.

Please presort and separate all items all by category.

  1. Toothpaste tubes, any brand and size (toothbrushes okay too)
  2. Baby food pouches and caps (any brand) UPDATE! We will continue to accept baby food pouches.
  3. Energy bar wrappers (any brand but only energy bars—no other wrappers please)
  4. Brita filters (other filter brands okay) plus other Brita filter related items
  5. Plastic food storage zip lock bags (any size), plastic cling wrap, and small bulk bags
  6. Cereal bag and cracker bag liners or bulk cereal bags (any brand)
  • NO shopping bags
  • Food residue and paper labels OK

Please do not bring any other items than those listed above.

Interested in joining the squads that run the Wednesday/Saturday collection, or in starting a third collection time as your workslot?
Contact Cynthia Pennycooke in the Membership Office.
For more information about Terracycle, visit terracycle.com
Questions about items we accept should be e-mailed to