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The Coop carries over 15,000 products!
Many are fresh, local and organic.
All are carefully chosen.

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PSFC General Meeting

7:00 pm at The John Jay Educational Campus
227 7th Ave (between 4th and 5th streets)
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Hot Bread Kitchen has changed their operation a bit in order to better fulfill their core mission of teaching and training marketable culinary skills, and maintaining an incubator kitchen to assist small entrepreneurs seeking to bring their products to a larger audience. HBK’s goal is to serve many more of the city's low-income and immigrant women through the training program, and they now do it at a larger scale through a different model - quadruple the number of women served in just two years--from 25 to 100 this year. 🍞 The 6 month baker-training program evolved and the bakery unit now produces only challah, parkerhouse rolls, and Moroccan flatbread known as m'smen. (We used to get bialys and other breads and baked goods daily from Hot Bread Kitchen. NOTE: The bialys we currently sell are frozen Bell's bialys located in the freezer case with the other frozen breads. We may find another supplier of fresh bialys in the fall...) #Repost @hotbreadkitchen Every pack of m’smen begins right here in NYC, in the hands of the remarkable women in our culinary training program. #MadeinNYC


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