General Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, April 25, 7:00 p.m.

  • Meeting Location: St Francis Xavier School, 763 President St., between Sixth and Seventh Aves.
  • You must be a Food Coop member to attend the General Meeting. Please bring your Coop I.D. card to be admitted.
  • Times in parentheses are suggestions. The Chair has the discretion to change the order of the agenda or the time allotted to each item.

I. Member Arrival and Meeting Warm-Up (7:00-7:15)

II. Open Forum (7:15-7:30)

III. Coordinator and Committee Reports (7:30-8:00)

IV. Meeting Agenda (8:00-9:30)

Item 1: Reauthorization of the International Trade Education Squad
(40 minutes)

Proposal: The PS Food Coop authorize a permanent International Trade Education Squad (ITES) to keep members informed about on-going international trade issues and how trade agreements can impact our ability to maintain our values and realize the goals of the Park Slope Food Coop as put forward in our Mission Statement: “We strive to lead by example, educating ourselves and others about health and nutrition, cooperation and the environment…We seek to avoid products that depend upon the exploitation of others…We strive to reduce the impact of our lifestyles on the world we share with other species and future generations…”

Since the mass media doesn’t adequately inform us, many are confused about how international trade and agreements impact our lives, our community and our Coop. Members of the ITES take responsibility to study and bring to Coop members information that can lead to individual and/or collective action.

Tasks of the Squad: Every three months, members of the ITES will produce (at least) one educational cycle – (at least) four per year.   Each cycle a squad meeting will be held when members will define an issue that relates international trade to Coop concerns.   Then members will research and post relevant articles on the Coop website (on the blog –; organizing an open, public popular education forum at the Coop; write Reports for the Gazette and present reports at General Meetings.

Work Slot Credit: The squad has seven members and one member emeritus, eight in total. Thirteen shifts of three hours each or 39 hours per year per member is expected as the work obligation.   Squad co-leaders keep attendance records and maintain communication with a liaison in the membership office.   Allies can earn FTOP or make-up credit for a particular project.

Young people and people of varied backgrounds are sought so the squad reflects the diversity of Coop members.   To do a good job, skills and background in research and writing are important. Commitment and desire to collaborate are important.

Decision Making Process: Five members constitutes a quorum. Decisions are made by consensus.
—submitted by Chris Marshal, Susan Metz and Willy Naess

Item 2: Continuing with TerraCycle collections, Free and Fee-based
(30 minutes)

Discussion: TerraCycle collections have been very successful over the last two years. We will ask the membership for a continuation of the collections at the same budget of $5000.
—submitted by Rosemary Calderon

Item 3: Shift Make-up Policy (20 minutes)

Discussion: Clarifying the language of Section III, part C, second paragraph of Heading 1 (The Double Make-up Policy) of the Membership Manual. —submitted by Daniel Schorr

V. Board of Directors Meeting (9:30)

VI. Wrap-Up (9:30-9:45)
Includes member sign-in for workslot credit.