General Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, March 28, 7:00 p.m.

  • Meeting Location: St Francis Xavier School, 763 President St., between Sixth and Seventh Aves.
  • You must be a Food Coop member to attend the General Meeting. Please bring your Coop I.D. card to be admitted.
  • Times in parentheses are suggestions. The Chair has the discretion to change the order of the agenda or the time allotted to each item.

I. Member Arrival and Meeting Warm-Up (7:00-7:15)

II. Open Forum (7:15-7:30)

III. Coordinator and Committee Reports (7:30-8:00)

IV. Meeting Agenda (8:00-9:30)

Item 1: Annual Disciplinary Committee Election (20 minutes)

Election: Three current committee members will stand for re-election, and the committee will present one additional candidate for the committee to fill openings. – Submitted by the Disciplinary Committee

Item 2: Endorse and Support the April 29th Climate March on Washington (40 minutes)


I. We propose that the Park Slope Food Coop:

  1. Endorse the 2017 People’s Climate March on Washington, DC, on Saturday, April 29.
  2. Send an official representative to the Food & Agriculture Hub of the People’s Climate Movement, which is organizing the march, and that this representative serve as a liaison between the Hub and the PSFC.

II. We propose that the Park Slope Food Coop:

  1. Provide material support with a $10,000 contribution to the People’s Climate Movement – New York (PCM-NY) organizing committee to expand outreach and participation. As the PCM-NY is quite underfunded, these funds will help pay for temporary staff and for communication needs, including the costs of printing fliers and other informational materials.

III. We propose that the Park Slope Food Coop:

  1. Provide space in the Linewaiters’ Gazette for advertisements for the People’s Climate March in each issue leading up to the April 29th
  2. Provide space in the Linewaiters’ Gazette for reports on the progress of the organizing for the march.

IV. We propose that the Park Slope Food Coop:

  1. Advance funds to rent three buses to depart for Washington, DC, early on the morning of April 29 and to return the same night, thus facilitating participation of PSFC members in the march. Omega Express Ltd. charges $400 to reserve a bus, so reserving three buses would require an outlay of $1200. The Coop will be repaid as tickets are sold. The Coop will provide a link on its website for those who wish to buy tickets. Tickets prices will be based on the overall cost of the bus rental ($2,100 from Omega Express Ltd. for a bus that seats 61) and the handling charges for linking with a reservation ticketing site.

V. We propose that the Park Slope Food Coop:

  1. Create banners and/or posters for PSFC members to use during the march, materials not to exceed $500. This will enable PSFC marchers to present a unified message about the connections between and healthy climate and a healthy food system.

VI. We propose that the Park Slope Food Coop:

  1. Establish a committee that will report directly to Ann Herpel. The Committee will consist of 10 members, each of whom will receive no more than one workslot credit for work during the month of April on the march. The committee chair will be Nancy Romer and she will keep all financial and personnel accounting records and report on a weekly basis to Ann Herpel. Other committee members will include Mimi Bluestone, Jen Chapin, and Kate Newberger. Additional members will be recruited on a first-come, first-serve basis with the understanding that this is a volunteer position that will involved more time than the single workslot that will be credited.

Item 3: Candidates for Board of Directors Presentation (15 minutes)

Discussion: Presentation by candidate for the Board of Directors followed by questions for the candidate. – mandated by the General Meeting

V. Board of Directors Meeting (9:30)

VI. Wrap-Up (9:30-9:45)
Includes member sign-in for workslot credit.