Current Operational and Safety Procedures

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All posted policies and practices are subject to change. 
Updated  11/10/2023

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NEW Face Mask Policy

Face masks are required on the shopping floor every Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. This policy applies to members shopping or working and Coop staff. Masks will be available at the entrance desk for those needing one.

This new face mask policy starts on Wednesday, November 22, and will be in effect until reversed by a decision of the General Meeting.

This new face mask policy to support immune compromised or medically vulnerable members or those with other risk-related concerns was passed by a vote of 70-52 at the October 31 General Meeting.

If You Test Positive for Covid-19 or Experience Covid-like symptoms 

Stay home if you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or if you test positive for COVID-19, whether or not you are vaccinated and/or boosted. The Coop follows CDC guidance on quarantine and isolation.

We request that you follow CDC, NYC Department of Health, or your own healthcare provider’s instructions for when it is safe for you to resume activities outside of your home.

If you have scheduled shifts, please cancel them through your Member Services account. If you need someone to shop for you, see the section on Authorized Shoppers below or send another Coop member to buy your groceries.

The Coop follows the CDC guidance on “close contacts” to Covid-19 positive cases. You do not need to contact the Coop if you have been identified as a close contact. We request that you follow the directions provided by the CDC, the NYC Department of Health, or your own healthcare provider before scheduling and working a shift.

The Coop urges all members to keep up-to-date on the guidance issued by the NYC Department of Health or the CDC.

Capacity Limits
  1. To control crowding on the shopping floor and ensure a pleasant shopping experience for all Coop members, adult members must take a carrot tag when entering the Coop to shop on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. If carrot tags are not available, please wait outside in front of the Coop until you are waved in by the entrance desk worker.
    1. Carrot tags are no longer in use on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.
    2. Children, aged up to 18 years old, accompanied by their parent(s) do NOT need to take a carrot tag.
    3. Children with a child of card unaccompanied by their parent(s) will receive a carrot tag.
  2. Visitors are not allowed at this time due to the limits on Coop capacity,
  3. Due to space constraints, no large personal carts in the Coop are allowed on the shopping floor. Please store your personal cart outside the Coop in the cart corral.
Authorizing a Non-Member to Shop for You

Members can apply for a non-member authorized shopper through their Member Services account. If you have any questions, please contact the Membership Office for further information.