Member-labor Phase-in and Increase in Mark-up Approved by August GM

Member Labor Is Coming Back!

Member labor will resume on Thursday, Oct 1. These shifts will be VOLUNTARY, and you will be required to sign-up for every shift you work. Members will earn one FTOP credit for each shift worked that can be used once the Coop has resumed our regular member labor program. All members may continue to shop regardless of participation in these voluntary shifts.

Look out for more details soon!

Temporary 4% Increase to the Coop’s Markup

At the August General Meeting, members overwhelmingly voted in favor of temporarily increasing the Coop’s storewide markup from 21% to 25%. The change in the markup is projected to take effect at the beginning of October. The goal of the increased markup is to reduce the Coop’s ongoing losses created by physical distancing requirements which reduces shopping volume and puts downward pressure on the Coop’s weekly sales revenue.