Board of Directors Candidate Statement at General Meeting

Learn about the candidate running for the Board of Directors! Read his statement and watch the video from the March General Meeting.

The Park Slope Food Coop Board of Directors plays a crucial role in running the Coop. The Board makes its decisions based on the advice of members who attend the monthly General Meeting. There are five seats on this Board, and each term lasts three years. Members submit their applications to run for open seats in March each year and candidate statements are published in the Linewaiters’ Gazette. This year there is only one candidate for one open seat.

All members can start voting online via a Coop-wide email that will go out in late May, and results will be announced at the Annual Meeting on June 27. The Coop’s bylaws specify that in order to be elected to the Board a candidate must receive more YES votes than NO votes. Click here to read the Coop’s bylaws.

(Please note that while the clip below has audio, the nominee had technical difficulties and was unable to get his video to work.)