Bulk Food Nutrition Facts

The lists below offer the nutritional information for bulk fruit, nuts, chocolate, grains and beans. The lists are current as of October 2023.

Although the Coop gets bulk foods from a steady, set of distributors, we can not guarantee that ingredients have not changed. We do not have the capacity to track all manufacturing changes but we will update ingredients when our distributors flag a change.

The lists offer the following information: name of the item, organic or not, origin, ingredients and nutritional information.
The lists will be posted in the bulk aisle via QR code and on paper.

Members who have further questions about a product or need to validate the current accuracy of the list, can ask a food processing coordinator to check the list of ingredients on the box the product came in.

Please note we are working on including kosher information on these labels. Many of the items are kosher. They are certified by a variety of rabbinical authorities.

Members who need to verify which rabbinical authority has authorized a product kosher, will have to ask a food processing coordinator at the Coop to check the box the product came in. Bagged items may no longer have a box for reference.