The Coop provides free childcare to children of Coop members while their parent/guardian/babysitter is working and/or shopping at the Coop. Our childcare space is limited to 8 children when both childcare workers are present and 4 children when only one is present. Priority will be given to members working shifts over members shopping. We cannot guarantee space will be available. If you require guaranteed childcare for your children while you are working and/or shopping you may want to make other arrangements. Feel free to read the Childcare Guidelines for Parents and Workers that govern expectations for workers, guardians, and children using the Childcare room.

  • Childcare is a service that we provide only to Coop members
  • Children can be in childcare for a maximum of 2.75 hours at a time.
  • Members may not drop off more than two children at a time.
  • We cannot provide childcare for children over the age of 12.
  • The child’s parent/guardian/babysitter MUST be in the building at all times while the child is in childcare. This is an absolute hard and fast rule because of the nature of the service, due to insurance considerations, and because it is the law. Breaking this rule by leaving the Coop while a child under your care is in the childcare room is grounds for expulsion from the Coop.

How Childcare Works

Where Childcare is:
Childcare is located on the Coop’s second floor, next door to the Coop Membership Office. There is an elevator for easy access.

Signing the Child into Childcare:
To leave your children in Childcare, you must show one of the following to the Childcare workers:

  • A Park Slope Food Coop Membership Card
    • Showing the barcode on the “coop app” is not accepted
  • A bar-coded entrance slip from the service desk from that day PLUS a photo ID

Picking up your Child:
Tell a Childcare worker you have come to pick up your child, and show them one of the following:

  • A Park Slope Food Coop Membership Card
  • A bar-coded entrance slip from the service desk from that day PLUS a photo ID

The Coop provides bagels and filtered water for the children, nothing else. Parent/guardians/babysitters who do not want their children to have bagels must inform the childcare workers. Due to allergy concerns, no other food will be allowed in the childcare room.

If your child is particularly active or has a tendency to put things in his/her mouth, tell the childcare workers. Crawlers should dress appropriately. There is no rug. The wearing of shoes will be at the discretion of each family. During sign-in parents should let the Childcare workers know whether or not a child’s shoes may be taken off.

Time Limits:
Two hours and forty-five minutes is the maximum time any child may use childcare on any given day. This gives you time to work your shift .  We are not set up for childcare for longer periods of time.

A sick child cannot be left in childcare. A child who is sneezing and/or coughing and/or has a runny nose will be sent back to their parent.

Childcare as a Workslot:
Members working in the childcare room must be at least 18 years old, and have completed the Coop’s childcare training. Children who have grown up in Coop households may work in Childcare only after they have joined the Coop as members in their own right. Childcare workers can access the Childcare Guidelines for Parents and Workers—that all member childcare workers receive at their training. Paper copies of the training manual are also available in the Childcare room.