Shopping and Facility Update

Shopping Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

UPDATED: High-risk & senior (65+) members hours: Thursdays, 8:00 – 9:00 a.m.
ALL member-shoppers welcomed starting at 9 a.m. on Thursdays.

Cart Walkers Available:  Mon–Wed, 1:30 – 6:45 p.m. & Thur–Sun, 8:30 a.m. – 6:45 p.m.

Shopping members must be online outside the Coop no later than  8:00 p.m. Please note that the outside line will be closed to additional shoppers prior to closing time (see above)  if the length of the outside line exceeds our capacity to get everyone into the Coop by closing time.  All shopping members must complete their shopping and be on the checkout line by 30 minutes after closing time.

For the most current info, including wait times, follow @foodcoop on Instagram or Twitter.

All posted policies and practices are subject to change. We thank you, in advance, for your understanding.

Shopping and Facility Update

Updated 04/08/2021

The Coop’s operations have been significantly modified in response to COVID-19. It is important that Coop members take the time to keep themselves up to date with all the changes. To assist you we have compiled all the operational changes on this page. We update both Coop policy and this page regularly as public health guidance from our local, state, and federal government changes. We strongly recommend following @foodcoop on Instagram or Twitter, so that you have access to current info before each visit to the Coop.

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If You or Someone in Your Household is Ill, Please Stay Home

If you feel ill, anyone in your household is ill, or you have been directed to self-monitor and -quarantine, please stay home. We are asking you not to enter the building to protect our Coop community. Follow the guidance of NYC Dept of Health or the CDC found here: or

Mandatory Coop Health and Safety Protocols
  1. All Members, staff, and vendors must wear a mask/face covering that covers their nose and mouth at all times while inside the Coop. Masks with exhalation vents are not permitted. A mask will be provided for you if you don’t have one. See the Park Slope Food Coop Face Covering Policy below for full details.
  2. Members must sanitize their hands or the gloves they are wearing when entering the Coop and any time their hands get soiled while in the Coop.
  3. No eating or drinking while shopping at the Coop. No exceptions. If you need to drink water for health reasons, please leave the shopping floor to do so.
  4. One member per household allowed entry to shop, if possible.  Let your spouse, partner, or household member wait outside the Coop while you shop. Only shopping members should be in the building. Please limit your time in the building to those activities.
  5. Members should not bring visitors to the Coop at this time.
  6. Do not hand your card/slip to the checkout worker. Scan your card on the front-facing reader or across the scale.
  7. No personal carts in the Coop shopping area. You will be asked to store your personal cart outside the Coop in the cart corral.
  8. Maximum number of shoppers allowed entry into the Coop is 45
  9. Keep 6 feet of distance between yourself, other shoppers and staff whenever possible
  10. Limit of 6 people per regular aisle – the back of the store counts as an aisle in this case with regard to active shopping members and not those waiting on any lines inside the Coop — and 15 people total in the produce aisle. If you are waiting on a line inside the Coop, please assist other shoppers in maintaining distance by NOT standing online at the “endcaps.” Only wait in line IN the aisles, please.
  11. Do not reach over staff or other members to get your product. Wait or politely ask them to move so you can reach your item.
  12. Follow the shopping traffic pattern recommended by the staff to ease congestion and keep members moving through the Coop.
  13. Don’t place your personal shopping bag on the deck of the checkout counter. Keep your bags in your cart and pack into the bags in the cart.
  14. Only touch items that you want to buy! Please do not sniff the produce and return it to the shelf.
  15. If paying with cash, set your cash on the counter and let the cashier pick it up. Try to avoid hand contact with the cashier.
Park Slope Food Coop Face Covering Policy

All members, children over the age of 2, visitors, and vendors must wear a face covering or mask for the entirety of their time in the Coop.*** ***Any person who cannot medically tolerate wearing a face mask/covering should speak to a Coop paid staff member before entering the building.

  • The face mask or covering must completely cover the nose and mouth at all times. It should also tuck under the chin and fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face for maximum protection.
  • Types of Coop-approved face coverings include a paper or disposable mask, cloth mask, gaiter (2 layers thick), or bandana (folded for 2 layers)
  • Face covering must be at least 2 layers thick to be effective
  • Bandanas (2 layers thick) should extend below the chin to the chest and cover the nose

Face coverings that do not meet Coop policy requirements:

  • Any face-covering/mask that has holes, tears, mesh material of any kind, or exhalation valves that have the potential to release respiratory drops
  • Any face-covering/mask that is thin or flimsy (i.e. your mouth can be seen through the mask)
  • Face shields: the CDC does not recommend face shields as providing sufficient protection. If you want to wear a face shield, you must also wear it with an acceptable face-covering underneath.
  • Face masks with exhalation valves. Anyone wearing a face mask with an exhalation valve will be offered another face covering or mask to wear inside the Coop. Guidance from New York City and the CDC prohibits the use of face masks/coverings with exhalation valves because they allow respiratory drops to pass through the valve. Escaping droplets put others at risk and we need to do our best to protect each other.

For further face mask guidance and recommendation please consult the CDC website:

We require all members to comply with the Coop’s mask policy, which is based on NY State and CDC guidance. Our strong preference would be for members to comply on their own. But, because this is both a public health and workplace safety issue we will enforce the mask policy. Members who do not comply should expect there to be a consequence up to and including loss of shopping privileges. If a member refuses to wear an approved face mask/covering or maintains wearing the face-covering while inside the Coop, they may be denied entry to the Coop or be asked to leave immediately.

We respectfully request that members comply with this policy. Research has shown that the use of face coverings can greatly reduce the risk of infection when combined with other prevention efforts such as social distancing and hand hygiene. Help us keep the Coop safe for its members, paid staff, and other visitors to the building by following this policy.

UPDATED : High-Risk Group, including Seniors (65+), Shopping Hours Thursdays from 8:00 – 9:00 a.m.

Staff will be closely monitoring the line to make sure that only our high-risk and senior members are allowed to enter during the dedicated hour. The Coop will continue to re-evaluate the high-risk/senior hours and, if need be, modify the hours again based on demand. As of March 25, we will no longer allow member-shoppers who are not in the high-risk group access to the Coop during High-Risk Group Shopping Hours. All other members are welcomed to come to enter the Coop starting at 9 a.m. on Thursdays.

Who is high-risk? The Coop is following CDC guidance on who is defined as high-risk. Follow this link for full description: .  Seniors may be asked to provide proof of age. No one will be asked to provide any proof of their medical status.

Members in the high-risk group will still need to wait in a line outside as we are limiting the number of shoppers in the Coop. Coop staff reserve the right to offer priority entry out of line-waiting order to the very elderly and/or infirm who may not be able to wait, even while seated inside the Coop, based on our judgment.

For high-risk group members, please read the information about the Authorized Shopper program below. The Coop has relaxed the Authorized Shopper rules. We urge members who are unable to come to the Coop or want to limit their exposure in public to consider using the Authorized Shopper program.

High-Risk, including Seniors, members Shopping on Other Days of the Week

All day on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and on Thursday between 9 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. members in the high-risk group should follow the procedures below if they cannot wait on line:

  1. Get in the line waiting outside to enter the Coop.
  2. Identify yourself to the members around you in line and ask them to hold your place.
  3. Proceed to the front of the line and tell the outside line manager that you need a place to sit while waiting for your place in line to be called in to shop.
  4. You will be provided a chair to sit in while waiting. You might still be waiting outside the Coop so dress appropriately for the weather. We have limited space in the Coop for members to sit while waiting and also maintain the sufficient physical distance from one another. If there is space inside to wait, a Coop paid staff person will let you know.
  5. If you are in a high-risk category and absolutely cannot wait, even while seated, please speak to a member of the Coop paid staff for assistance.
Authorizing a Non-Member to Shop for You

The requirements to have an Authorized Shopper have been relaxed as a response to COVID-19. Our goal is to make the authorized shopper program more easily available to our members who identify that they are in a high-risk category and need to limit social contact or self-isolate. What is an Authorized Shopper? An authorized shopper is a non-member who is allowed to shop for a current Coop member without the Coop member being present. How do you designate an Authorized Shopper?

  1. The person you wish to shop in your absence should present themselves at the Coop’s Entrance Desk after they have waited on line to enter.
  2. A staff person will have the person complete the Authorized Shopper form. They need to bring your member card and their photo ID with an address to be eligible to complete the forms and enter the Coop.
  3. The person you designate cannot live at your address as listed in the Coop membership database. If the address on their photo ID matches your address, the person will not be designated to be your Authorized Shopper.
  4. A message will be posted to your member record to alert the Entrance Desk that you have designated this person as your Authorized Shopper and the Coop has approved the form.

The Coop is not requiring at this time that:

  • You are on a work-exempt committee (for example, temporary disability or parental leave) to have an Authorized Shopper
  • You do not need to sign the Authorized Shopper form or be present to request the Authorized Shopper. A staff member can confirm by phone your request to have an Authorized Shopper.

These changes will be in effect until further notice and may be subject to modification if the guidance from public health agencies/officials changes. All other guidelines of the Authorized Shopper remain in force.

Second Floor Service Desk and Membership Office Hours

The Office remains closed until further notice. The 2nd floor Service Desk is open 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. daily to provide in-person help to members with product or bottle returns, checkout errors, replacement member cards, or changing contact info. Assistance is also available to apply for leaves of absence, disability leave (permanent or temporary), or any other work exempt committee. Hours to Rejoin or Join a Member of Your Household to the Coop: 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. daily The Virtual Membership Office is available for leaves of absence, change of address, shift sign-up, or to permanently leave the Coop. Information on joining or rejoining the Coop is also available.

Closing the Office and having limited phone service is necessary to allow the Coop paid staff to focus on the shopping floor in the absence of member labor. We know it is difficult not to have the Membership Office fully available at this time, but many questions can be answered at the Service Desk or on Please be patient as we continue to expand services available in the Virtual Membership Office.

Other Closures and Cancellations
  • The Childcare Room is closed for the foreseeable future.
  • Orientation and all Other Coop Events both on- and off-site are canceled for the foreseeable future.
  • Terracycle collections are canceled for the foreseeable future.
General Sanitizing and Hygiene Protocols

Sanitizing foam dispensers are installed at the entrance desk and around the shopping floor. The Coop will make sure that the sanitizing wipe dispensers and foaming dispensers are full and available for use. The Coop is thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the common high-touch surfaces and spaces every night.

Workslot Requirement Temporarily Suspended – Do NOT come to work your shift.

The Coop temporarily suspended its member-labor work requirement as of Monday, March 23, 2020 in response to Governor Cuomo’s “New York State on PAUSE” executive order. Until further notice, members will no longer work their shifts at the Coop and the member-labor work requirement is suspended. We continue to sell goods to our members, but Coop operations is staffed exclusively by the paid staff including temporary, part-time staff. It is with great sadness that the Coop decided to institute this dramatic change in our participatory Coop model. The General Coordinators weighed carefully the concerns of staff and members, listened to the strongly-worded directives of our Governor and Mayor, and considered the advice from Coop members active in the medical and public health fields before making our decision. It is immensely clear that in order to stem the spread of COVID-19 we all must severely limit the number of people we come in contact with. Continuing to allow a few hundred member-workers to enter the building daily does not follow the spirit of the Governor’s executive order and exposes the paid staff to many, many people every day. Keeping our doors open for members to shop will still expose the staff, though at a much lower rate. We cannot predict how long we will operate with only paid staff, but rest assured, the Coop will invite members back to help run the Coop as soon as we evaluate we can do that in a safe manner. Our vibrant Coop community was built on member-labor and is the heart of our successful participatory food coop model. We are a resilient community that will survive and emerge stronger from this horrific public health crisis.

All members as of 3/23/2020 are eligible to shop regardless of their Coop “status.”

During this period of no member-labor requirement, rules limiting shopping privileges for members who are suspended and have exceeded their grace period have been lifted.  If you were a member of the Coop as of March 23, 2020, the lifting of this Coop policy applies to you. You will be able to shop even if as of 3/23/2020 you were “suspended” because for one of these reasons: work, member payments, training, orientation, or documentation owed for a work exemption (such as parental leave or disability). There are four exceptions to this new policy:

  1. You are unable to shop due to a decision of the Dispute Resolution Committee
  2. You have been expelled, either temporarily or permanently, from the Coop
  3. You have taken a permanent or temporary leave from the Coop
  4. Your membership is “dormant”

As a result of this policy change, there is no need to contact the Coop in regard to any aspect of your member work history or your work slot requirement at the Coop. You are welcome to shop with the full confidence that if you were a Coop member on 3/23/2020 and have not since taken a temporary or permanent leave of absence from the Coop, you will be able to shop.