First Work Cycle Extended thru August 29

August 12, 2021

Dear Coop Member,

The first cycle of the interim work accounting system has been extended. The current cycle, that began on July 12, will end on Sunday, August 29, instead of August 15.

The second cycle will begin on Monday, August 30. All members, except those on work exempt committees, will be debited a cycle charge on the evening of Monday, August 30. Please note that the second cycle will be six weeks in length, running from Monday, August 30 thru Sunday, October 10.

Thank you to all the members who worked shift(s) in this first cycle. Your eagerness to jump right back into the member-labor system was inspiring and provided tremendous support to the staff and Coop members. It is exciting to return to our member-labor model and benefit from your direct participation in the operations of the Coop.

For members who have not yet worked a shift and do not have any shift credits in the bank, NOW is the time to schedule and complete shifts. If you do not work before August 30, you will be 2 shift cycles behind, and your work status will be suspended. Login to your Member Services account as soon as you can and sign-up for openings on the shift calendar. If you need help setting up or managing your Member Services account, please visit the Office which is open 10:30am-8:00pm, 7 days per week. You also can set-up your Member Service account by clicking on the button in the upper right-hand corner of

We strongly encourage all members to frequently check the shift calendar. A rolling 3-weeks of shifts are always displayed in the calendar. Shifts become available when members cancel scheduled shifts or more shifts are added to the calendar. You will have more choices in the types of work and time of shifts available the more frequently you look at the calendar.

Why did we extend the length of the first cycle? Because of our lower sales volume plus the limits on capacity in the building, shifts require fewer member-workers than our pre-COVID days. Our goal is to provide members who had not yet worked more time to schedule and complete a shift before the second cycle debit charge.

We hope you enjoy the rest of the summer and please stay safe. We look forward to seeing you around the Coop or at the August 31 General Meeting.

In cooperation,

Ann Herpel, on behalf of the General Coordinators