General Meeting

The Coop’s monthly General Meeting (GM) has been the decision-making body of the Coop since the Coop began in 1973. A current General Meeting agenda is posted inside the Coop in advance of every meeting generally three weeks ahead of time. GM Agendas are also published in the Linewaiters’ Gazette and here as well.

General Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  The meetings are chaired by members whose workslot is the Chair Committee. Check the GM Agenda for the date and location of the meeting.

Everyone who attends a meeting has a vote, and any member can bring an agenda item to a GM by completing a GM Item Submission Form [PDF]  after reading How to Develop and Agenda Item for the General Meeting [PDF]. We encourage all members to participate in the General Meetings.

In 1977, when the Coop was incorporated, we were legally required to have a Board of Directors. However, our Board’s role doesn’t overshadow or replace the member initiative, discussion, and decision-making that is the purpose of the GM. Board members are elected for terms of three years on a rotating basis once a year at our Annual Meeting, which is held in June. Members can vote for the Board of Directors in one of two ways: in person at the Annual Meeting in June or by using an advance ballot that all members receive by email.

Our General Meeting agendas are compiled and finalized — using agenda items submitted by members — by members whose workslot is the Agenda Committee.