July General Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, July 31, 7:00 p.m.

  • Meeting Location: St Francis Xavier School, 763 President St.,
    between 6th and 7th Avenues
  • You must be a Park Slope Food Coop member to attend the General Meeting.
    Please bring your Coop I.D. card to be admitted.
  • Times in parentheses are suggestions. The Chair has the discretion to change the order of the agenda or the time allotted to each item.

I. Member Arrival and Meeting Warm-Up (7:00-7:15)

II. Open Forum (7:15-7:30)

III. Coordinator and Committee Reports (7:30-8:00)

IV. Meeting Agenda (8:00-9:30)

Item 1: PSFC Public Endorsement of New York Health Act (25 minutes)

Proposal: To publicly endorse the NY Health Act, guaranteed universal healthcare for all in NY, on the CNYH website and to publish a Memo of Support. —submitted by Lynn Evans and Marion Yuen

Item 2: Home Delivery (30 minutes)

Proposal: Should the Coop form a temporary committee of 5-6 members for six months to gather information and present a final report/proposal about expanding options for shopping for people with mobility limits? Yea or Nay
—submitted by Sharon Goldzweig, George Olken, Lenore Los Kamp

Item 3: Formation of Pension Advisory Committee (35 minutes)

Proposal: To create an advisory committee comprised of 5 members and 2 Area Coordinators who will represent the interests of the membership, the staff, and the Coop as a whole concerning the Coop’s Defined Benefit Pension Plan. The committee will be charged with: monitoring the overall performance of the fund; maintaining regular communication with the Pension Plan Trustees; ongoing education about the pension plan and reporting of pension plan performance to the membership at large via GM committee reports and/or Gazette articles. —submitted by PSFC Employees in Favor of the Formation of Pension Advisory Committee

IV. Board of Directors Meeting (9:30)

V. Wrap-Up (9:30-9:45)
Includes member sign-in for work slot credit.