General Meeting Workslot Credit

Since the Coop’s inception in 1973, the General Meeting (GM) has been our decision-making body. At the GM members gather to discuss agenda items, make decisions, and set Coop policy. The General-Meeting-for-workslot-credit program was created to stimulate interest in attending and participating in the Coop’s decision-making process.

Advance Sign-up Required:¬†To be eligible for workslot credit, you must sign up in advance of the meeting in Member Services (choose a “General Meeting for workslot credit” shift). Sign-up in the shift calendar will be available from the Wednesday after the prior General Meeting until 30 minutes before the next General Meeting (generally the last Tuesday of the month). If you do not have a Member Services account and need help creating one, you may call or visit the Membership Office for assistance.

Cancelation and No Show rules apply: If you sign up for the meeting and your plans change, you are responsible for canceling your “General Meeting for workslot credit” shift before the 8:00 p.m. prior-day deadline. If you discover the day of the GM that you cannot attend, you can use your cancel ticket to cancel until 6:00 p.m. (one hour before the GM). Failure to cancel will result in a no-show.

One GM attendance credit per year: Every member may take advantage of the General-Meeting-for-workslot-credit program and receive a maximum of one credit per calendar year.

Attend the entire GM: In order to earn workslot credit you must be present for the entire meeting. GMs start promptly at 7:10 p.m. and end no later than 9:45 p.m. unless the GM has been extended by a vote of the members attending.

Checking in at the Meeting for Workslot Credit: In order to get credit, you must check in with a staff member at the end of the GM. Only members who have signed up for a “general meeting for workslot credit” shift will receive credit for attendance.

Certain Committees are omitted from the Program: ¬†Committee Members whose attendance at the GM is already part of the workslot’s responsibility may not get double credit for attending a GM. Members are the following work-exempt committees cannot sign up to get credit at the GM: elder or retired, health (all), bereavement and parental leaves.

Childcare is not provided at the General Meeting.