General Meeting Workslot Credit


Since the Coop’s inception in 1973, the General Meeting has been our decision-making body. At the General Meeting (GM) members gather to make decisions and set Coop policy. The General-Meeting-for-workslot-credit program was created to increase participation in the Coop’s decision-making process.

Advance Sign-up Required: To be eligible for workslot credit, you must sign yourself up in advance of the meeting in one of the following ways: use our online form, or use the computer in the ground floor elevator lobby to sign-up. If you do not have an email address, you may call the Membership Office for assistance. Sign-up for any given meeting will be available from the beginning of the month until 5 p.m. on the day of the General Meeting (generally the last Tuesday of the month).

Two GM attendance credits per year: Each member may take advantage of the General-Meeting-for-workslot-credit program and receive a maximum of two credits per calendar year.

Certain Squads are omitted from the Program: You may attend the GM for credit only if you are a member of a Shopping, Receiving/Stocking, Food Processing, Office, Maintenance, Inventory  and FTOP committee. If you are a member of another Squad, you must speak to your staff supervisor before attending a GM for credit. Members of Squads where attendance at the GM is already part of the workslot’s responsibility may never get double credit for attending a GM.

Attend the entire GM: In order to earn workslot credit you must be present for the entire meeting. GMs typically run from 7:00 p.m. – 9:45 p.m., though they occasionally run longer.

Signing in at the Meeting for Workslot Credit: At the end of the GM, the Chair or GM Set-up Committee will set out the workslot credit attendance sheets. In order to get credit, you must sign in next to your name.

Being Absent from the GM: There is no penalty if you sign-up for the meeting and then cannot attend. We do ask that you try to keep the sign-up sheet current and remove your name if you know cannot attend. Please do not call the Membership Office with GM cancellations.

Childcare is NOT provided at the General Meeting location: Childcare is not currently provided at the General Meeting. We discourage members from bringing young children to the meeting. In our experience children become restless during the two and a half hour meeting. If your child does get bored and becomes disruptive you may be asked to leave the meeting.

Consider making a report to your squad after you attend the meeting: You can help inform other members about current Coop issues, the GM in general and the GM-for-credit program in particular by making a brief report about your GM experience. You can make this report the next time you meet with your squad or, if you are on FTOP, the next time you work on any Squad. Generally these reports work best as part of a squad end-of-shift meeting.


If you are on an ABCorD shift and are “ACTIVE” for work on the night of the meeting: You will be given an FTOP credit for attendance at the meeting. You are not required to use this credit at a particular time. However, to use this credit you must accrue two (2) FTOP shifts and follow the Coop’s other rules for using banked FTOP time that are explained in a flier (How It Works-Banking FTOP) available in elevator lobby literature racks and in the Membership Office.

If you are on an ABCorD shift and owe a make-up on the night of the meeting : The GM attendance credit will automatically be applied as a make-up.

If you are on FTOP: Recording of your attendance at the meeting and an FTOP shift credit will be applied to your FTOP record after you have attended the meeting.