General Meeting Survey

We hope you will take a few minutes to give us feedback about the General Meeting you just attended. We are particularly interested in what you thought about the GM because you are either a first-time GM attendee, or have not attended a GM recently. The GM is the governing body of the Coop, and your participation is what makes it work. At your earliest convenience, please submit your answers to this survey. For each question, check all answers that apply.

  1. Name

  2. Meeting Date

  3. Why did you come to this General Meeting?

  4. What do you think about the way the Meeting was run?


  5. How did you feel about the Agenda items we covered?

  6. What is your opinion of the process used to run the GM?

  7. How long have you been involved in food cooperatives/the Park Slope Food Coop?

    years / months

  8. What do you think could be done to increase attendance at General Meetings?

  9. Before you came to this meeting, was the GM the way you thought the Coop should be governed?

  10. Based on this meeting, do you think that this system is an appropriate way for a Coop of our size to be run?

  11. Are you planning to come to another Meeting in the future?

    If no, please tell us why.

  12. Please use the space below to offer further suggestions or feedback on the General Meeting.

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