Member-Owner Equity Investment Campaign

Increasing your member/owner equity investment (MOEI) directly adds to the Coop’s working capital. Since MOEIs are not interest-bearing, there is no cost to the Coop. These increases come with one benefit only, your knowledge that you were able to help:

  • Put the Coop in a stronger financial position in the event of a future crisis.
  • Strengthen our Coop through the positive experience of acting together to preserve the wonderful institution we own together.

There are two ways to increase your MOEI

  • In-person: Inform any checkout worker or cashier and use your debit card or cash for the transaction.
  • By mail: Send your check or have your bank mail a check to the Coop at 782 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215. Please make sure you type or write MOEI and your member number in the memo section.

If you need the excess investment back in the future, it will be returned to you via check within weeks upon your request.

Thank you for your commitment to the Coop!