Schedule an In-Person Appointment

The final step is to schedule a date and time to come to the Coop using our appointment calendar ⧉. This appointment is not an orientation. Following steps 1–3 is your orientation. If, after reading and viewing the orientation materials, you have decided you do not want to join the Coop, do not make an appointment.

Appointments generally are available on  Tuesdays starting at 6pm, Wednesdays staring at 10:30am or 5pm, and Sundays starting at 4pm.

You will be required to provide acceptable photo ID and proof of address at your appointment.

Please Note

If you joined the Coop before early December 2021 (and you already have a Member Services account) you don’t need to do this! Just login to Member Services—if you need orientation, you’ll see a specific message about it. Follow the link in that message and you’ll be able to complete the orientation requirement yourself, no appointment necessary.