PSFC Certificate of Incorporation

The Park Slope Food Coop began selling food to its members in February 1973 as an unincorporated association. In May 1977 the Coop incorporated under the New York State Cooperative Corporations law. In July of 1977 the collectively owned net worth of the Coop, $10,566, was transferred to the newly started corporate books. To learn more about the Cooperative Corporations Law and the requirements for Certificates of Incorporation for NYS Cooperative Corporations, visit this page and click  “CCO – Cooperative Corporations” from the list that appears.

The highlights of our Certificate of Incorporation (PDF) are, in summary:

  • The Coop’s purpose is to provide mutual help for its members (but not for profit) and to serve its members with products that the members will use or consume.
  • The Coop’s members must be actual “natural” persons (not organizations).
  • The coop is a general cooperative and doesn’t issue shares of stock.