Shopping as a Temp Staff Member

One of the perks of being a Coop staff member right now is not having to wait online outside to shop. We prefer and encourage you to shop immediately before, during or after working. You are also welcome to shop anytime and be expedited to the front of the line to enter (if /when there is one).

Please familiarize yourself with the guidelines for shopping as a staff member:

  • Shopping is not a paid activity. Please organize your shopping so that you are doing it before your shift starts, after your shift ends, or during your 30 minute paid break.
  • If you are shopping while the Coop is open to the general public, you must visit the entrance desk and get a pink shopping tag before you start shopping. This will help us ensure that we are maintaining the 35-shopper limit at all times.
  • If you shop during your workday, please utilize the time allotted for your 30-minute break. This is not recommended unless your shop is small, because you may end up waiting on a line to checkout and therefore not be able to complete your shopping within the available 30 minutes.
  • If you shift ends after the Coop closes and you want to shop:
    • You do not need a shopping tag.
    • We do ask that you remain mindful of the time and complete your shopping by 10 pm if possible. If your shift ends at 10 pm, please do a medium or small shop that you can complete by 10:15.
    • please make sure that you complete all the necessary tasks and clock out before you begin to shop. See a member of the permanent staff at the end of the night before you clock out to make sure all the end-of-night work has been completed.
    • Even though you may be an expert checkout worker, you may not check yourselves out at night. When you are done shopping, please find a member of the permanent staff or another temp worker who is shopping so that they can check you out.

Thanks, in advance, for taking the above considerations into account when you make use of the shopping perk.