How to Change Workslots

If the workslot that you have currently no longer works for you because of scheduling conflicts or for other reasons all you need to do to change it is contact the Membership Office and say I’d like to change my workslot. Please have your calendar at hand when you contact the Office. One of the first questions the office will ask is, “When are you available to work?”

There are some things to bear in mind when considering a change in your workslot:

  • Please give the Coop as much notice as you can. When you change your workslot the day before it is scheduled to meet, the chances are slim that we will be able to fill your spot. This will leave your squad short-staffed.
  • Knowing that you are going to miss your workslot one time is not a good reason to change workslot for good. In a case like that the Coop asks you to try to find someone to swap shifts with you.
  • Your availability will be the biggest determining factor in what workslots you may choose from. Tell us when you are available to work and then we will tell you what openings the Coop has at that time of the week or day.
  • If your first choice workslot is not available, you can ask to be put on the waiting list for that squad. If you are on the waiting list for a particular squad/day/time or type of work, the Coop will contact you when a spot opens up. You will have six days to respond and accept the opening. Generally people come off the waiting list onto the squad they desire within 4 – 8 weeks. You will need to continue working while you are on the waiting list either on your old squad or on “interim” second choice squad that you have selected with the help of the Office. Interim squads should never be those that require special training by staff.
  • If there is a more than six week gap between scheduled work dates on your old and new squads you will be asked to do one make-up to cover the “cycle” during which you did not work.