Face Covering Policy

As part of the Coop’s ongoing effort to maintain a safe and healthy environment, all members, regardless of vaccination status, are required to wear an approved face covering at all times when working or shopping. In response to a survey distributed in May 2021, members indicated that they want the Coop to continue to require a face mask for working or shopping members regardless of CDC guidance. This policy is subject to change.

Reminders on Wearing Your Face Covering:

  • Mask/face covering should fully cover your nose and mouth, tuck under your chin and fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face
  • Keep your face covering CLEAN! Launder your reusable cloth face-covering daily
  • Single-use face coverings must be properly and safely discarded in the trash after each use
  • If you do not have an approved face covering, the Coop will provide one

Approved face coverings include:

  • Masks (must not have an exhalation valve, holes, or cutouts that allow air to pass through)
  • Face coverings must be at least two layers thick to be effective
  • Bandanas that extend below the chin to the chest and cover the nose

Face coverings that do not meet Coop requirements:

  • Face shields: The CDC does not recommend face shields and you should not wear them while working at the Coop. If you want to wear a face shield, you must also wear it with an acceptable face-covering underneath.
  • Any face covering/mask that has holes, tears, mesh material of any kind, or valves that have the potential to release respiratory droplets
  • Any face covering/mask that is thin or flimsy (i.e. your mouth can be seen through the mask)